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February 2, 2009 by jamreal
I'm sure most people do know about burnout series by now, well its the first time its coming on Windows Pc i've been tracking since it was announce for PC,now that it is downloading i cant wait to play...it looks to have some nice graphics...i was just wondering wether anyone was planning on buying it?leave a comment
December 4, 2008 by jamreal
If you've so far neglected to enter Grand Theft Auto IV's stunning modern metropolis of Liberty City, by all means get this game. The overall GTA formula has been refined and retooled in this version to be more convenient, more realistic, and ultimately more mature, though it still gets stuck on brambles held over from games past. As far as living a virtual life goes, managing the social network, night life, travel habits and explosive forays of virtual dynamo Niko Bellic is one that'll stick in...
November 27, 2008 by jamreal
At long last, after months of speculation, Microsoft has revealed a few details regarding its upcoming DirectX 11. The company promises that, following the somewhat icy reception that the Vista only DirectX 10 has had, it will create a gaming graphics API that will improve the looks and the performance of AAA game titles.
The big news in Microsoft's announcement is the fact that the Graphical Processing Unit, essentially the processor on your graphics card, will be used for more than graphics p...
November 22, 2008 by jamreal
It's only via the official channels, subject to the translucent filtering of Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, that Microsoft is pointing to a period of time by the end of January 2010 as being the general availability of Windows 7. In contrast, unofficial indications, as well as the crumbs that slip through the Win7 GA feats, deliver a launch date ahead of the end of 2009. In fact, Microsoft itself is offering confirmation that Windows 7 could d...
November 19, 2008 by jamreal
Recently we've had a furor over the DRM measures implemented in Electronic Arts' Spore in an effort to deter the piracy of the title. The system the big publisher implemented was restrictive enough to cause issues for regular, paying users while the piracy on the title shot up as users also rated the game lower because of the DRM. It turned to be a public relations nightmare for the publisher and it quickly promised to offer solutions related to the strictness of the DRM measures.

World ...
November 16, 2008 by jamreal
Do you guys remember when GOW was annaunce for PC?well it was when microsoft started there gamesforwindows thing and they where showing how they where going to have a GFW-(live) shelf in stores and on one of those gaming shelf there were a pc version of gears of war remember at this time microsoft didnt say anything about it coming on pc but a few weeks/months later it was revealed... now microsoft as just updated threre gfw-live service for pc and a stand-alone client/marketplace due out in 2-3...
October 27, 2008 by jamreal
Games That I Cant Wait To Play.

Any game that will be released on steam i wont buy at retail.

Dead SpaceFar Cry 2Pro Evo 09Call Of Duty WARCommand and Conquer Red Alert 3Bully: Scholarship Edition Fallout 3Fifa Manager 09James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace NHL 09 Rise of the Argonauts Men of War Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Saints Row 2Mirror's Edge Grand Theft Auto IV Left 4 DeadNfs UndercoverTR UnderworldPrince Of PersiaMy simsMadagascar: Escape 2 AfricaHei$t Battlestations: PacificSo what are y...
October 27, 2008 by jamreal
Hello everyone i really do hope you all are enjoying this gaming season like i am. As i am here sitting infront of my Pc i've got so many games to play until i dont know what to chose ( who said pcgaming was dying?must of been some fools ehhh). Personally i cant get enough of Crysis and Crysis Warhead,wow what great games they're i loved crysis but i'm now more a fan of warhead its short and very spicy and after playing on a very basic ssystem setup and got really really good gameplay out of it ...
September 17, 2008 by jamreal

Here in the world of pcgaming while many people still dont understand how it works,for e.g some people dont know how to troubleshoot some are tired of crashes some say its dying that i just dont believe at all, and then you get people saying you need a monster pc to play you favourite game that is just bulls**t. personally i've got a good system not over the top but dont see why i should upgrade it anytime soon because it plays everything just fine. C2D 2.4 overclock to 3.00ghz (someti...
September 16, 2008 by jamreal
Well after almost a year of playing Crysis i'm looking forward to Crysis warhead and was just wonderin how much of you guys where planning on buying it?i'' getting it no second thoughts. Leave a Comment.
September 12, 2008 by jamreal
Hello again well today i'm asking the question what should the GamesforWindows software thats due out in a few months be called? So far they have.




Games for Windows - LIVE Dashboard

Games for Windows - LIVE Portal

Games for Windows - LIVE Marketplace

Games for Windows - LIVE Guide

Games for Windows - LIVE Client

No name, just call it “Games for Windows - LIVE”

I personally dont agree with the names or should i say i don...
September 11, 2008 by jamreal
FiFa 09hello hello, well i just tried out the demo for fifa 09 for PC and was i wowed,first you'll notice is the wonderfull graphics i mean when was the ast time you put on a game from EaSports an it give your geforce a work out? well fifa 09 did.just give it a go guys an gyals the pc version will be the ultimate version just imaging all the differents controls aswel eg. KeyB, Mse&KeyB or a Joypad eg. 360controller.